A typical day of Spanish classes

a typical day of Spanish classes in Latin America

On the first day of Spanish classes in Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador, your host family will take you the school and show you the way and where to take buses from. All new students of Spanish are given an official welcome to Latino Schools by the director of the Spanish school.

After that, you will do written and oral placement tests. When everyone is done with the tests, you will depart on a city tour around the city (Sucre, Cusco or Quito) together with the rest of the students.

A representative of the Spanish school will explain you how to get around the city. First, how to use the local public transport, where to find important places and tell you about the history of the city and the country. Learn Spanish and the native culture.

In the afternoon, all new Spanish students participate in an orientation session. There, we will tell you important rules regarding classes. Besides, other important information about the Spanish courses schedules and host families. As you have read, you will not only learn Spanish. Furthermore, we will explain cultural activities and weekend trips as well.

Important topics such as security in Peru/ Ecuador/ Bolivia, do’s and don’ts and general things you need to be aware of during your stay are covered as well. Therefore, you will feel completely at home. Entirely enjoy your stay in our country. Latin America has a lot to see!

Your weekday in our Spanish schools

8:30am: Welcome and meet your new friends and teachers at Latino Schools.

8:30-10:20am: Classes and lectures – Practice grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, written expression.

10:20-10:50am: Pause – Enjoy the international atmosphere at the school and socialize with your new friends from anywhere in the world.

10:50am-12:40pm: Classes and lectures – Practice oral comprehension and expression in discussions, rule plays, games, etc.

12:40-3pm: Lunch with your host family – Practice your Spanish in a relaxed, homely atmosphere and get to know the Latin American culture first-hand from conversations with the natives.

3-6pm: Optional activities – Explore the city and its surroundings on one of the many cultural excursions and visit local sights, museums or markets and learn about the captivating history of our country – or simply hang out with your new friends.

7pm: Free time for dinner or a cup to coffee or tea with your friends in one of the many cafeterias and bars around the town. Time to relax, have fun, and get ready for the next day.

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