Testimonials in video

Testimonials in video

Latinoschools-Testimonies-Newark College Academy-2016

In this video, our friends Linette López and Karen Cardoza, tell us the experience that they lived in our school in Quito-Ecuador when they brought a group of students from Newark College Academy from New Jersey USA.

Latinoschools-Testimonies- Jelmer De Matt-Alemania-2014

Our student Jelmer De Matt, who came from Germany, tells us something about the experience he lived in our Cusco-Peru school.

LatinoSchools Testimonies A friend of Cusco School

A few days ago I was digging through our multiple files and I happened to find this video that belongs to one of our students from our school in Cusco-Peru and I think it’s worth sharing. Unfortunately I could not find his name, but I want to thank this friend for his kind words..wherever he is.

Latinoschools Testimonies Erika Zenchak

The majority of students who have learned Spanish in our schools have an advantage in their university and later professional life. For us it is satisfying to hear about their successes. Thanks Erika Zenchak of Alma College, keep going!

Latinoschools Testimonies Karen Joest

The testimonies of our students are very important to us, but the words of the proffesors who have come to our schools leading groups of university students are very important too. Thanks a lot to our friend Dr. Karen Joest!

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