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testimonial Jared J

Academiaecuador – Annapolis md

You can’t top this!

this private Spanish language institute opens their loving arms to students from all over the world, mixed ages too, not just university students. the caring, affectionate attention everyone receives is really quite remarkable. the owners frequently include their students in local and their own home family activities, as do their host families, and those moments are unforgettable. when I was there so was the us state dept, medical students, university students from Europe, and the us. they are obviously known all over the world. excellent academics, but it’s the people there that are so outstanding, you’ll never forget them!

testimonial Jared J

Allie W – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Amazing experience!

I spent two months studying at Latino Schools, and I also had an internship experience at the Children’s Hospital. I loved every minute of my time spent in Ecuador! The classes were interactive, my host family was welcoming, there were several beautiful places in Ecuador to visit on the weekends, and everybody was extremely supportive in helping me find my way around Quito and introducing me to Ecuador’s culture. I am planning to go back one day to continue studying Spanish, and I would highly recommend Latino Schools.

testimonial Jared J

Jared J

Best weeks I have ever spent!

The Latino Schools is most incredible place to learn Spanish. After just 4 short weeks, I am now able to communicate with ease and am able to hold a conversation with anyone I talk to. The professors are the nicest and most sincere people you could ever meet. The staff of the Academia were so caring. If there was any problem at all, the staff would help me in an instant and try to have it resolved. I had the best time of my life there and will 100% be going back to continue learning Spanish.

testimonial amares22017

amares22017 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Great for university students and groups!

I am a study abroad coordinator at a University. We have sent many individual students and groups to study at Latino Schools. I took a group to study there in summer 2016 and it was great success. The staff are knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Some of the best people I have ever worked with. They are passionate and organized. Curriculum is high quality and classroom sizes are small so students get individualized attention. The students enjoyed the extra activities, especially the weekend trips. This is a top notch program. I highly recommend it!

testimonial photok27

photok27 – Glendale, California

Fun and educational

I studied advanced Spanish for 3 weeks in June of 2016. I stayed with a Ecuadorean family across the academy. The hospitality was fantastic. The director of the academy, Diego, is very friendly and fluent in English. I visited Quito few months before that when I discovered this wonderful language academy. The building looks like an embassy or Italian villa. When I returned in June I felt I was part of the family of the academy’s team. Patty is warm and kind. All my professors were knowledgeable and listened to my desires what I wanted to learn.

testimonial Joanne T

Joanne T – upstate New York

I went for a two-week total immersion program and it was a turning point in my life. The most incredible facilities, the greatest instructors, every detail is well appointed and taken care of.

testimonial SabrinaSchTA

SabrinaSchTA – Oxford, United Kingdom

Fantastic Spanish course and cultural experience

I studied both Spanish and Kichwa at Latino Schools for several months and had an unforgettable time. The level of the classes was excellent, all teachers are native locals and the atmosphere in the mini groups was always super friendly and animated. The language classes are very lively and students participate actively and there is a good balance between theory and practical exercises, group discussions, games, etc. The school offers lots of social and cultural activities in the afternoon to local attractions, markets, museums, film nights, a great way to meet all the other international students at the school. The schools also helps students arrange travels around the country and book tours, transport and accommodation all over Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. You are even able to continue your language course at Latino Schools’s branches in Peru and Bolivia, so it’s a great way to combine your South America travels with a cultural and language experience in several countries. Just loved it and I’ll be back for sure!

testimonial Sherpa1

Sherpa1 – New Mexico

UNM Adventurous Immersions: Ecuador

Last June we took a group of university students to Ecuador for 3 weeks and teamed up with Latino Schools. It was the best decision we could of made! Everything provided to us and our students was top notch. I personally have led group trips for over 30 years so I have knowledge on what it takes to organize group trips. I was totally impressed by their organization. The De Corral family has surrounded themselves with the best guides and teachers. I love the family aspect and how they make you feel a part of their family. They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome in their country. I highly recommend that if you are planning a trip to South America that you take advantage of their various locations for you to be immersed in the culture. It is a great way to learn the language and to see the beauty of the countries their schools are in. This year we will be taking our group to the Academia in Peru and we can hardly wait to get there!

testimonial JoMich

JoMich – Alma, Michigan

Outstanding Program Tailored to Your Needs

When I brought 12 students in my Intercultural Communication course in May of 2011 for 15 days, they had a truly transformative experience.

Spanish Language Immersion in Peru
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Spanish Language Immersion in Peru

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