Teacher Methodology Program

At Latino Schools we love teaching and training teachers of Spanish. That’s why we organize a series of seminars on Spanish teaching which cover a variety of topics such as cultural differences, Latin American and Spanish literature and other Spanish language skills such as grammar, conversation and the composition of texts and sentences. In the seminars, students will receive authentic materials that they can then use to design their own lesson plans for their classes anywhere in the world. Quarterly work and a weekly seminar with the program director is required. The laboratory experience includes a conversational exchange with a native speaker and journal analysis.

Spanish techer methodology program

The duration of the program is 2 weeks, during which you will be able to exchange professional and personal experiences and experiences with people with the same interests as you. The seminars are organized in groups up to 12 people. In this case, the exchange of opinions and the diversity of people enriches the teacher methodology program even more. In addition to the 40 hours of weekly seminars, attendees will be able to enjoy different cultural activities in and around the city where the campus is located, for which transportation and tickets are included.

Knowing the language and teaching method first-hand while discovering all the secrets, customs and lifestyles of Latin Americans is simply perfect! You will be able to put your Spanish skills into practice with speaking groups while visiting the most emblematic sites in South America since you have the option of making trips of up to a week to such important sites as Machu Picchu, Amazon basin.

If you are a Spanish teacher and want to improve your teaching skills, come and achieve all you need to learn in our seminars and share your experiences with other people in the education industry.

Length of time 2 weeks.
Students per class 12 students per class.
Advantages Super dynamic course.
Hours Total of 40 hours per week.
Price $1,220 per person for the two week program including classes, activities with transportation, entrances, tickets and host family accommodation with two meals per day.

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