Medical Spanish course

If you are a doctor or are studying medicine in your home country, we offer courses adapted to your specific needs. With our Medical Spanish course for medical personnel, you will be able to learn everything you need to know to develop your work anywhere worldwide where Spanish-speaking skills are required, in order to better communicate with your patients.

Nowadays, learning Spanish with professional objectives such as those for the health industry is becoming increasingly necessary due to the growing importance of Spanish language worldwide.

Why do medical personnel need to learn Spanish?

There are several reasons why it is especially important for medical professionals to have a specific knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and other skills specialized in its field. Many countries have a multicultural society in which migratory movements are evident and it is absolutely necessary to have the ability to know what is happening to patients and to explain them properly any diagnostics and treatments. In certain circumstances, knowledge of the Spanish language can be decisive in the best care of patients.

The Medical Spanish course for medical personnel can last from 1 to 3 weeks. You choose how long you want to be with us after this period, or even combine it with other courses. You’ll have 4 hours of classes per day in small groups in order to guarantee you a personal assistance able to unfold your fully potential to learn the language and culture.

Medical Spanish Course for Medical Personnel

In addition, at Latinos Schools we offer volunteer programs where you can participate helping the population in South America, while practicing your language and medical skills.

If you want to open new horizons in your professional career in the world of medicine, nursing or any other position in the health sector, this course is our prescription for you.

Length of time 1 to 3 weeks, 4 hours a day.
Students per class 5 students per class.
Advantages Course available from beginner to upper Spanish level.
Hours Total of 20 hours per week.
Price $450 per person per week including classes and hostfamily accommodation with two meals per day.

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