Private Spanish Classes

Our private Spanish classes offers the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in a individual and personalized environment. Our teachers will guide you through the entire learning process so that you can achieve the desired goals and improve on those weaknesses and reinforce the strengths that interest you most. For this reason, our private Spanish classes are ideal for people who intend to study abroad and need a specialized syllabus according to their studies, travelers with limited schedules or entrepreneurs who want to expand their business abroad or need to study Spanish in order to progress in their careers.

The best thing about our individual Spanish language classes is that it adapts to your pace, needs and schedule, so not having enough time is no longer an excuse for not learning a new language.

The duration of the course can be from 1 to 12 weeks, you decide how much time you want to invest in the learning process. At Latino Schoolsa we are sure that our teachers will make all the time invested in learning worthwhile and make the most of the lessons since you will not have to share your teacher’s attention with any other student during the classes.

Choose one of our destinations (Quito – Ecuador, Cusco – Peru or Sucre – Bolivia) and discover the Latin American culture by staying with a native family with whom you will be able to get to know their customs, lifestyles and typical gastronomy since two meals are included in the accommodation. What better way to practice the Spanish language than living with native Latin Americans?

Come and enjoy all the activities you want during the program in Latino Schools. You will be able to take from short excursions to trips of one week of duration. Discover the Galapagos Islands, the charm of Machu Picchu and much more!

Length of time 1 to 12 weeks.
Students per class Individual classes.
Advantages Personalized curriculum.
Hours Total of 20 or 30 hours per week.
Course Price $295 per week.
Individual Class Price $15 per lesson.

Accommodation prices

Host family
$175 per person per week

The price includes two meals a day and regular laundry service.

Student residences
Single room $140 per person per week
Shared room $98 per person per week

The price doesn’t include meals or laundry.

Spanish courses list

We have many other Spanish courses to best suit your interests and needs.

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