Online Spanish Courses

With the online Spanish course of Latino Schools you’ll have the opportunity to become an expert Spanish speaker from the comfort of your own home. With online classes adapted for all levels, you decide and organize the type and pace you need to learn the Spanish language in the most effective way.

In addition to the convenience and ease of scheduling, the Latino Schools gives you the opportunity to focus on those specific aspects of the Spanish language that you would like to improve in order to meet your own goals and customize your curriculum. The online course can last from 1 to 16 weeks and the teachers will guide you and make it as easy for you to study from home as if you were at one of our Spanish schools.

Learn Anywhere

Our online Spanish course is also perfect for people who are attending an academic course or have a job that does not allow them to come and spend some time with us but still want to develop their studies outside their country of origin, grow in their careers or to do business with countries where Spanish is spoken.

Native teachers

Actually, Spanish is a language spoken in many parts of the world, which makes it a language that offers many opportunities to interact with different cultures and do business with them. By learning Spanish with Latino schools you will be able to communicate with countries such as Spain, most of Latin America countries and even in the United States!

Tailor-made lessons

Sign up for our online course and learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home and with the time that best suits you for only 15 dollars an hour!

Length of time 1 to 16 weeks.
Students per class 1 student with 1 teacher.
Advantages Personalized curriculum.
Hours Optional.
Price $15 dollars per hour.

Spanish courses list

We have many other Spanish courses to best suit your interests and needs.

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