Intensive Spanish Course

Our intensive Spanish course in Quito (Ecuador), Cusco (Peru) or Sucre (Bolivia) is our most traditional program. It has 5 students maximum per class, 20 hours per week of group Spanish courses, lots of conversation and the perfect atmosphere to get to know people from all over the world! In the afternoon session, you will have all the time to explore the beauty of countries and interacting with the local people using your newly acquired Spanish skills It is an excellent program for those who wish to quickly develop a working proficiency in Spanish.

This program is also very affordable. The price of $350 per week includes the course and accommodation with two meals a day. Considering that prices in Latin America countries are very low comparing to North America and Europe, it is possible to stay for long periods of time and travel around on a budget.

You may combine your group lessons with individual Spanish classes if you want a more personalized approach to your language learning and to progress even more quickly.

The intensive Spanish course is perfect for people who want to acquire a quick and effective knowledge of Spanish language in a short period of time. With classes schedule you will be plenty of time to enjoy the culture in our schools in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, what assures you a full immersion experience that can give you more than language skills, you can have a great time to remember forever!

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Length of time 1 to 12 weeks, 4 hours a day.
Students per class 5 students per class.
Advantages Intensive classes with lots of interaction with other students. Fast progress in Spanish language learning.
Hours 1 to 12 weeks, 4 hours a day.
Course Price $175 per week

Accommodation prices

Host family
$175 per person per week

The price includes two meals a day and regular laundry service.

Student residences
Single room $140 per person per week
Shared room $98 per person per week

The price doesn’t include meals or laundry.

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