Activa Program

Our Activa Program offers regular Spanish courses in the morning as well as guided activities in the afternoon. An excellent opportunity for you to get to know the life of the local inhabitants in the first person, but with the convenience of participating in cultural, sports and tourist activities organized in detail by us. If you have specific interests we can often arrange special topics courses. All transportation costs and entrance fees are included.

With our Activa program you have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in an environment that allows you to get to know first hand the Latin American culture while you meet people with the same interests, exchange experiences and see the fantastic attraction unique to Latin America. If you’re an intrepid traveler, the Activa program is your course.

The Activa program offered by the Latino Schools is ideal for people who want to learn the Spanish language quickly, either because they want to study outside their country of origin or because they want to get a promotion or start doing business in Latin America or Spain. Latinos Schools’ classes are small so that each student receives a personalized support and can make progress in those areas that are most difficult for them and reinforce their strengths. Our teachers will guide you throughout the learning experience, making your stay productive and enjoyable.

The best thing about the Activa program is the amount of cultural, sporting and tourist activities it offers. In the morning, you will have Spanish lessons and in the afternoons you’ll can practice what you have learned with native Latin Americans, thus immersing yourself completely in the local culture. There are also excursions available to surrounding areas or even trips of up to 1 week. With Latinos Schools, you will discover the most emblematic places of Latin America, such as the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Amazon basin and many other things you can’t miss.

With our Activa Program, learn Spanish and never stop moving!

Length of time 1 to 4 weeks, 7 hours a day.
Students per class 5 students per class.
Advantages Personalized curriculum.
Hours Total of 35 hours per week.
Course Price $485 per week, including classes, activities with transportation, entrances and tickets.

Accommodation prices

Host family
$175 per person per week

The price includes two meals a day and regular laundry service.

Student residences
Single room $140 per person per week
Shared room $98 per person per week

The price doesn’t include meals or laundry.

Spanish courses list

We have many other Spanish courses to best suit your interests and needs.

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