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Spanish courses in Latin America

Spanish courses in Latin America: Quito - Ecuador, Cusco - Peru, Sucre - Bolivia

Our Spanish courses in Latin America accommodate the complete Beginner through Advanced levels, operating year-round, with open enrollment dates. Our excellent testing program allows student placement at their exact level, and weekly evaluations allow students to move at their own pace. They are continually challenged, but not frustrated by being slightly ahead or slightly behind their classmates.

One of the important features of the Academia experience is that, unlike other study abroad programs which require some measure of fluency on the part of the student, students with little or no Spanish may enroll and study for as long as time permits.

Our excellent testing program allows placement of students in Spanish courses at their exact level, and weekly evaluations make it possible to continue to move students through their weekly Spanish courses in such a way that they are continually challenged, but not frustrated by being slightly ahead or slightly behind their classmates.

Please check the holidays for each country.

Intensive Spanish Course

$175 / week


The intensive Spanish course is perfect for people who want to acquire a quick and effective knowledge of Spanish language in a short period of time.

Private Spainsh Course

$295 / week


Our One-on-One private Spanish classes are ideal for people who intend to study abroad and need a specialized syllabus according to their studies.

Activa Program

$485 / week


Our Activa Program offers regular Spanish courses in the morning as well as guided activities in the afternoon. An opportunity for you to get to know the life of the local inhabitants.

Senior Program

$605 / week


Senior program is perfect for all adults with a young and adventurous spirit who want to be in constant learning. Our teachers will guide you through the entire experience and make it worth your time.

Super Intensive Spanish Course

$325 / week


Our super intensive Spanish course offers the opportunity to quickly acquire a much deeper knowledge of the Spanish language. The morning classes will be given in groups of up to five people with whom you can practice the language and share interests.

Flavors of the Andes

$415 / week


Our flavors of the Andes program is perfect for those who want to study Spanish while discovering its culture and the most beautiful places in Latin America. Discover these enigmatic places while you put your Spanish into practice!

SIELE and DELE Preparation Course

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The SIELE and DELE are the most important Spanish level certificates in the world and now with Academia Latinoamericana de Español, we help you to reach the level you need to achieve all the objectives you have set yourself.

Teen Spanish program

$575 / week


The teen Spanish program was designed by in other to provide specialized learning for kids who want to improve their Spanish in a fun environment while sharing experiences and classes with other South American students of their age.

Semi Private Course

$410 / week


If you want to learn the Spanish language with your group of friends, partner or family, the semi-private course is perfect for you. You will be able to live together a unique experience that will accompany you for life.

Online Spanish program

$15 / hour


With online classes adapted for all levels, you decide and organize the type and pace you need to learn the Spanish language in the most effective way. You’ll have the opportunity to become an expert Spanish speaker from the comfort of your own home.

Medical Spanish Course

$450 / week


If you are a doctor or are studying medicine in your home country, we offer courses adapted to your specific needs. With our Spanish for medical personnel program, you will be able to learn everything you need to know to communicate with your patients.

Teacher Methodology Program



At Academia Latinoamericana de Español we love teaching and training teachers of Spanish. If you are a Spanish teacher and want to improve your teaching skills, come and achieve all you need to learn in our seminars and share your experiences with other people in the education industry.


The focus of the Latino Schools is on communication and our methodology involve a natural approach, total physical response, cooperative learning, language experience approach, directed reading thinking activities, and the writing process.

An integrated, typical curriculum approach reinforces vocabulary. Our program is focused on delivering Spanish courses in the Andean region that prepare students for the real Latino world!

Academia uses standardized ACTFL and European standard language levels, meaning the language skills you acquire during your Spanish classes in Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia will be transferable beyond Latin America!


The Academia has been creating itineraries and hosting groups of up to 45 students for over 28 years. Planning a group trip with the Academia provides peace of mind knowing that you are bringing your students to one of the most well respected language schools in South America!

Our over 28 years of language immersion experience allow us to plan the trip most appropriate for your group based on your established parameters while maximizing your budget.

We take care of all the pre-trip planning to ensure a smooth running itinerary during your South American Oddissey experience.

If you have 5 or more participants, please contact Dr. Diego del Corral to to begin planning your Spanish immersion adventure!


Several different courses may be combined, minimum 1 week per course required. Course starting dates: Every Monday all year round for all courses (except Academic Year, Semester and Quarter Abroad). The weekly rate includes 5 days of classes (from Monday to Friday), 7 days accommodation with your host family or at our own student residence, 2 meals per day (at the host family only), laundry service (at the host family only), placement test, city tour, orientation session and course certificate. Mail service, money exchange, safety deposit box, wireless access to internet, luggage storage, and use of sports facilities are also included. Accommodation starts on Sunday before you start classes and ends on Saturday after you finish classes.


The first Monday at the Latino Schools is an orientation day: every student will take an oral and written placement test. This has no other purpose than to place the student in the right group at the right level. Students are also evaluated every week. After the placement test all new students go on a city tour of Quito/ Cusco/ Sucre to get to know the city and learn how to get around and use the public transport system. In the afternoon there’s an orientation session in which the student learns about all rules at the Academia, as well as about important issues such as security, do’s and don’ts in Ecuador/ Peru/ Bolivia, the host family etc. Regular classes will start on Tuesday of the first week.


  • Earn 3 credits in only 3 weeks during the summer!
  • Classes begin every Monday at all three beautiful countries.
  • Students travelling alone to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia may earn university transfer credits while studying at one or all three of our fantastic locations in the Andean region.
  • Students earn 3 credits in 3 weeks and credits are issued from New Mexico State University (NMSU).
  • Approved credits are then transferred from the issuing entity (NMSU) to the student’s own school.
  • Starting any Monday, students may earn 3 credits over a 3 week period (or 6 credits over a 6 week period or 12 credits over a 12 week period).
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