National holidays

Courses will begin on Tuesday any time that one of these holidays falls on a Monday.

Students who register for private classes can recover those hours anytime.

The school is only closed on the following holidays when they fall on a week day:

National Holidays in Peru / 2020

January 1 New Year
April 9-10 Holy Week
May 1 Labor Day
June 11 Corpus Christy
June 24 Inti Raymi
June 29 Saint Peter & Saint Paul
July 28 Independence Day
August 30 Saint Rose day
October 8 Angamos combat celebration
November 2 Day of the Dead
December 8 Immaculate conception day
December 25 Christmas vacation

National Holidays in Sucre – Bolivia / 2020

January 1 New Year
January 22 Founding day of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
February 24-25 Carnival
April 10 Good Friday
May 1 Labor Day
May 25 First libertarian scream
June 11 Corpus Christi
June 21 New Year’s Eve Aymara
August 6 Bolivian Independence Day
November 2 All Saints’ Day
December 25 Christmas vacation
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