Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Why Learn Spanish in Bolivia

Learning Spanish in Bolivia means a true cultural immersion experience, as Bolivia is the most traditional and untouched country in South America. It’s also the country with the highest number of Indigenous population on the continent, and due to its isolated location in the Andes, many areas have remained authentic and unaffected by tourism.

Travelling in Bolivia is still a true adventure – get prepared to spend hours on an overland trip without crossing one other person, or hiking remote treks meeting no one but herds of llamas along the way.

Bolivia boasts nearly every possible climate and terrain on earth, from the snow-capped peaks Andes of over 21,000 feet / 6400 meters to the steaming jungles of the Amazon Basin, from the largest salt desert in the world to the rolling green hills of the Central Highlands.

Whether you explore ancient Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, where according to legends the first Inca was born, or drive across the endless white plains of Uyuni Saltlake, expect to encounter contrasts stronger than in any other country. Moreover, due to the absence of international mass tourism, costs of transport, accommodation and services in Bolivia are a great deal lower than in any European or North American country.

The Spanish spoken in Bolivia is slow and clear, which makes it easy to understand even if you don’t have much language practice yet. You will see that your new-acquired Spanish fluency won’t be helpful only when exploring the wonders of Bolivia, but in the major part of Latin America. Moreover, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and the second most spoken in the United States. For the year 2025 approximately 35% of the United States’ population is estimated to be Hispanic descendants. According to universities in Europe, Spanish is now the most chosen foreign language just after English.

Learn Spanish in the salt mirror, Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre is one of the most charming colonial towns in Latin America and makes an excellent destination to learn Spanish. It’s among the safest cities in Bolivia and thanks to its compact size easy to explore on foot. As a center for progressive and liberal thinking, in Sucre you get plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish with the friendly locals. The town is full of little shops, local markets, restaurants and bars and it’s very easy to meet other students and travellers from anywhere in the world.

Premium Location in Sucre

The Latino Schools in Bolivia is located in the heart of Sucre. Learn Spanish in Sucre just a few minutes away from the city center. In other words, within close proximity to virtually everything of interest within the city.

Learn Spanish in Sucre

The Spanish classes are taught in the mornings. This, leaves the afternoons free for cultural activities, or half day excursions around Sucre and Bolivia.

Our Spanish courses are held in a 2 story building with eleven classrooms, a lounge (for videos, etc.) and a kitchen. Besides, two terraces, one indoor patio and much more.

Sucre is the beautiful colonial judicial capital located in the Andean highlands of Bolivia. Some people calls it the “White City of the Americas”, due to its numerous colonial buildings, all of them white and topped with shiny red tile roofs.

Set in a valley surrounded by low mountains, Sucre is small (with a 150,000 population). Do not be afraid, it is very easy to explore it on foot.

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Stay, Enjoy and Learn Spanish in Sucre

We want to remind you of the special hospitality and warmth of a loving South American family. Truly this is impossible to describe until you have experienced it! Contact with us and come to learn Spanish with the best professionals to Sucre.

You will leave with a better knowledge of the native culture and the Spanish language. But it is not just that. As a result of the experience of living with a host family, you will have a clearer understanding of the people and the rich cultural tradition of the country.

You can decide to take classes only. Nonetheless, you can also stay at our student residence hall next to the campus. Spanish students in Sucre will have to pick one of these excellent options.

Your first day of classes in Sucre

Latino Schools takes care of you. As you step off the plane, your host family will pick you up from the airport. Then, they will take you to your new house in Sucre. Learn Spanish from the very first moment.

They make sure you have a great start into this adventure and get settled well into our culture. A real Spanish immersion. The best way of visiting Bolivia while studying Spanish abroad.

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