Host Family

  • The host family takes care of our students and is a wonderful support network.
  • Most of our families are within walking distance to the Academia in all our locations.
  • They provide two meals a day, airport pick up, and do your laundry as well.
  • Some families have more than one bedroom for couples and parents with children.
  • All the families are well screened and truly add to the learning environment.
  • The best part of living with a family is the day-to-day interactions and exchanges with them.
  • If you wish other family members or friends to live with you during your stay, every effort will be made to accommodate your request.
$175 per person per week

The price includes two meals a day and regular laundry service.

Accommodation - Host Family

Student Residences

  • Located near the school in each city (Sucre, Cusco or Quito).
  • Live with other students and share good moments during your stay.
  • perfect balance between the private and social life.
  • Different room options: single, double or triple rooms.
  • Easy access to commercial and entertainment areas.
Single room Shared room
$140 per person per week $98 per person per week

The price doesn’t include meals or laundry.

Accommodation for Students in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Accommodation for Students in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Residences Rooms & Services

Comfortable and wide rooms, some with bathroom.

Wide facilities, large living room with cable tv, dvd, and dinning room.

Every bathroom has shower and warm water 24 hours a day.

Lovely wide terrace with tables, parasols and chairs.

Well proportioned rooms with writing desks, chairs, closets, wardrobe, and beside table.

One bathroom every two rooms in double rooms and private rooms with bathroom.

Kitchen with full catering equipment, with three fridges, microwave, stove, pots, glasses, etc.

All bed linen is provided (sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows).

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