Learn, Live and Love in Spanish

At the Latino Schools, you will not only learn Spanish. You will also live exciting experiences and be in touch with Nature. Join the adventure and learn Spanish in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru!

Quito, Cusco and Sucre, great destinations for learning Spanish while you live an exciting adventure.

The Latino Schools offers you the possibility to study Spanish in 3 different safe, beautiful and exotic countries of South America: Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Get to know Quito, Cusco, and Sucre and immerse yourself in their culture.

Peru is the country of the Inca civilization. One of the most beautiful and historic places in Latin America, with wonders such as Machu Picchu. In our school in Cusco, you will not only learn Spanish. You will also discover this marvelous country.

Bolivia is the most traditional and virgin country in Latin America. An adventure destination where you can explore natural wonders such as Lake Titicaca. Meet our school in Sucre, a beautiful colonial city perfect for learning Spanish.

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Studying Spanish while making a difference and helping other people?
You can do it with our volunteering projects in Ecuador and Peru.

Latino Schools

Learn Spanish in Latin America: Cusco (Peru), Quito (Ecuador) and Sucre (Bolivia)

Our Spanish schools in Latin America are home to 1,500 students (aged from 17 to 55) and over 50 expert faculty and staff.

We are proud of our international, multi-cultural ethos and the way our community collaborates to make a difference in our Spanish courses.

Our world-renowned curriculum is built on the best Global and US academic standards.

Latino Schools provides the best combination of intensive Spanish study with a warm family atmosphere at 3 locations in three safe, beautiful and exotic countries. This unforgettable experience will let you explore Latin America at the same time. You do not only have the chance to learn Spanish in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Do not forget your camera. Visiting Quito, Cusco and Sucre will introduce you to three ancient and amazing cultures.


Students have the opportunity to split their time between the Spanish courses in three different Spanish schools and see three different countries while continuing to study. We provide the same high quality Spanish language programs in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. One academic program, sharing the same spirit!

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Top Reasons to Study with us

Our Spanish schools in Latin America host 1,500 students a year. This international and multicultural environment makes the difference in our Spanish courses, based on the best global and U.S. academic standards.

Earn Academic credits through New Mexico State University or Brookhaven College. Our Spanish immersions provide the possibility of obtaining university credits.

Our courses always take place regardless of the number of participants. Therefore, the quality of our Spanish courses do not decrease depending on the number of Spanish students.

Discounts on travel services

Academia Spanish school offers travel services and student discounts with special prices. On airline tickets as well!

All our Spanish schools in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia are located in premium locations. All of them in the city center, with easy access to public transport.

Extracurricular activities after the Spanish classes . Enjoy an extraordinary international atmosphere, with students from 12 countries.

In addition, we have superior Spanish teaching staff. All are dynamic, open-minded and friendly. Study Spanish and every aspect of each country´s language, culture and lifestyle.

Placed as “The Best Language School in Latin America for University Students” by Language & Cultures magazine in January 2000. Learn Spanish and improve your level with best Spanish teachers.

In 1996, Freizeit & Reisen magazine in Germany placed the Academia in the Top 10 Language Institutes in the World. We are continuously innovating our Spanish lessons methodology.

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